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      大型室外奶仓 Large Out Door Storage Tank

      大型室外奶仓 Large Out Door Storage Tank


      功能用途 Application 


      Applicable for large milk collection centre,or for milk outdoor storage at large milk production plant;also used at other food and pharmacy factory for storage of liquid product.This equipment is equipped with cleaning system,agitator,sight and view devices,also have attachments of thermometer and level indication meter.

      技术说明 Specifications 


      Material: all material used is high quality SUS304-2B or SUS316L stainless steel, inner shell8=3-4mm and out shel6=2mm and cooling jacket =1.5mm; 



      Structure: cylindrical shape, conical top cover of 15 degree, with skirt base; with PU(Polyurethane) as heat insulation; with cooling dimple pad at tank wall and base.

      Volume range:15,000L-120,000L 


      Standard attachments: 

      1、1个罐体底部密闭型侧人孔;One air tight side manway;

      2、1个罐体底部侧搅拌(960rpm);One side mounted agitator;

      3、1个PT100数显温度计,温度显示范围0~100℃;One PT100 thermometer, temperarure range 0-100℃

      4、2只CIP清洗球;Two cip cleaning ball;

      5、1个无菌取样阀;One aseptic sample valve;

      6、防蝇防虫透气帽;Anti buterfly and dirt air vent; 

      7、物料进/出口;Product inlet/outlet;

      8、冷却介质进/出口;Cooling medium inlet/outlet;

      9、液位传感器Level sensor;

      10、带护栏爬梯和罐体顶部护栏。Ladder with circle protection and protection fence at tank top.


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