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      液态食品车载罐 Milk tanker on truck

      液态食品车载罐Milk tanker on truck


      Overview The milk tanker is widely used for long distance transportation of milk or other liquid products.The tank wall adopts high quality SUS304-2B stainless steel,the jacket adopts high density PU as insulation with new procedure,all the inner corners are well radius to avoid sanitary dead angel;and CIP spraying balls are fixed inside which enables easy cleaning.It is up to industry standard and food sanitary requirements.


      The tank can keep the milk in good quality during the transportation,improve the sanitary conditions,reduce transfer cost and save labor.It can be as s truck when it does not transfer liquid milk,and download the tank.

      技术参数Technical parameter 






      Product specification:2000L,3000L,4000L,5000L,6000L,8000L,10000L,12000L,15000L,20000L.

      Temperature:-20℃~+40℃,Liquid temperature in the tank:4±1℃

      Temperature change in eight hours loading:≤2℃

      Standard fiting material:quick open seal manhole,breathing valve,CIP cleaning pipe,material imputing hole

      (valve attached)

      Fitting material quality:SUS304,seal packing collar adopts food sanitary silica gel.

      Size:according to the size of truck batholith provided by customer.


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