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      宠物食品加工生产线 Pet food processing production line

      宠物食品加工生产线 Pet food processing production line


      With the improvement of living standards and the miniaturization of families, pets are increasingly entering people's lives and becoming a new fashion.In the past, the standard of pet food was low, and the current standard is basically close to the food standard, and the hygiene level requirements for production and processing equipment are also getting higher and higher.


      Large-scale pet food manufacturers at home and abroad use food-grade processing equipment to produce.


      In the design and production process of pet food production line, Beyond Company draws heavily on the technology and concept of food production line, which greatly improves the standard of pet food. And take the lead in introducing foreign advanced scraper heat exchanger technology to solve the problem that conventional heat exchangers can not exchange heat with high meat materials. And the food and pharmaceutical grade CIP cleaning and disinfection system is applied to the industry, which reaches a higher level of hygiene for pet food.



      If you have any questions or inquiries about food processing, food technology and food equipment, please contact us.

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